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Old Bow, New Quiver

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I have been hunting for most of my life, and I am experienced in archery (used to TEACH it at a camp). However, I am just starting to put the two together.

My brother has an old compound bow (Indian Stalker 55 lb) that is sort of a family heirloom. It is definitely a far cry from the current generation. Nevertheless, it will propel an arrow accurately and it is all we have at the moment.

My question is: is there a universal mounting system for quivers, or does it vary with the brand? This one has a small metal plate with two screws labeled "quiver mount," but none of the quivers I have seen in stores show exactly HOW they mount to the bow.

Also, I am not interested in hearing how I should get a new bow. I am well aware that this is something of a relic. However, it works and it was free and all it needs is accessories to be serviceable.
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use the back or hip quiver. I take mine off anyway while in the stand and clip it to my pack. sometimes I just carry the quiver in my back pack with the vanes sticking out the top. point is it surely doesn't need to be on the bow.
Yeah, I wouldn't be stalking at this point anyway, and I carry a pack on my climber.

Is there anything I should look for in a back quiver? Or a preferred brand? I have a Bass Pro Shop and a Cabelas close by.
Most of todays quivers mount with the two screw mount system as most if not all new bows are set up the same. Whether or not your Indian is correct just take it to a bow shop and see if something works. You can check out Three Rivers Archery supply on line for quivers that attach with rubber bands. With Cabela's close by just take it in they will try to match something that works. I don't spend a lot on quivers $25.00 should cover it. Like ronn, I too remove my quiver while on stand.
look for one that holds each arrow in place with the foam where the broad heads are. this stops the rattling around and helps keep them sharp. another plus to pulling the quiver is it makes the bow a little quieter.
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