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Getting excited about the Oklahoma rifle season kicking off this weekend. The only thing is deer activity has became very slow where I am hunting at. During bow and muzzleloader season just a couple weeks ago there were bucks and doe everywhere and I was able to take a nice 9 pt during black powder. Is there anyone else hunting NE Oklahoma? Just wondering what kind of activity you might be having going on where your at.
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They are going strong here in NW Oklahoma. I have been seeing plenty in the field and on the road. Every time in the last week and a half that I've been out there has been bucks chasin.
Same thing here.deer movement is at a minimum.a few weeks ago i would get over 100 pics a,at most 20.
I don't know what kind of terrain you are hunting, but over here I hunt mainly places with hardwoods stands in and around canyons with open hilltops (CRP fields). This time of year I stop hunting the canyons and watch the CRP fields. You can catch deer wandering around and the bucks may peek in to the field from the edge of the timber. It presents a good calling opportunity when you are in the brush or another stand of timber across the way from where bucks will likely be scent checking the field. Through most of the year I hunt the thick timber, but for the next 2-3 weeks I will probably be in the more open areas where you have better visibility. Remember the bucks are crusin these open areas looking for (or chasin) does now.
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