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Oklahoma bucks

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Some nice deer pictures from oklahoma
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very nice pics indeed.. can i come hunt with you??? :whistling:
looks great,,,,, now that is in Grove Oklahoma
awesome bucks...that must have been a good season
Greetings from Vermont tbighunter Welcome to the club. and,
Thanks for sharing them awesome pics.
Great bucks. What's up with the buck in thrird pic? Is that a second beam or is there another buck I can't see?
Nice look'in bucks!!! I like the one with two main beams.very interesting.
I know there had to be another okie around here...nice bucks. Are those pics from around Grove somewhere?
Yes you can.
Yes,grove oklahoma,about 200 yards behind my house.
Never got a shot in daylight.
I have about 4000 pics from my cameras,all behind my house
Some more info on my deer pics.this is a 40 acre hay meadow.last year i decided to mow a 4 foot path across this field to see if deer would follow the worked!now the problem.they don't come out in daylight.i have a few this year in daylight,mostly a doe and 2 fawns.any idea's?i'll post a few more pics from this year.
If you have a Decoy you could set that in the mowed opening during the day to draw them back out,
that should work,,, it may take a few days for them to relax to it but I bet it would work
hey there fellow okie those are some nice bucks i like that double main beam thing that one has going on
that does seem to be a problem,,,i hope by leaving standing corn and milo along with the 3 ft tall native grasses,,the deer might come out durring the day ,,,,from the ground you cant see any thing,,,time will tell
Delbert, have you thought about giving a decoy a try?
I recently saw on outdoor TV a show about using decoy deer to draw deer out into the open and by george them decoys worked like a charm. one tip is decoy direction. if you use a buck decoy keep him pointed towards the field and dont make it look like he's heading back into the woods, his direction could trigger a response to other bucks that the field is safe to enter into but if he's heading back towards the woods the other bucks may think the fields are not safe to enter into. I hope I explained that so it makes sense. :w00t:
Wow nice pics...its not every day u see bucks like that in oklahoma!!! It gives me hope. (Muskogee)
Catch them during the rut...they will get stupid sooner or later. Another idea is to find were they are coming from. Set up in the woods and catch them coming to the field...maybe thats easyier said than done?
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