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Ohio State in a tough one..

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4th quarter 13 to 10 Ohio state. But Wisconsin is driving like maniacs.. Hang in there Hunting Man.
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Did ya'll hear that???? I think HM's head just went through his ceiling.. :biggrin: Hope his neck/shoulder area took the hit ok.

Ohio State wins a nail biter..
I missed it. Had a little league nail biter myself. But it's cool that they won.
Seems like the 1 spot is a bit hard to hold on to. Two days in traction should take care of the stress injury last saturday. There's going to be several collisions in the near future, that's why college football is the greatest game on earth.
Now Michigan ST next on the list. Don't know which Buckeye team will show up?:nerd:
Mich ST down now Penn ST. :whistling:
Want Penn state be a little tougher??
This will be a good game, I think OSU can pull it off.
I was going for Ohio State too. If Penn state would have lose it would have been more likely that a SEC school with 1 loss could still get in the championship game. Penn state has a weak scedule the rest of the way. Im hoping Bama can go unbeaten the rest of the way. I cant believe I just said that. I hate AL, I just want a SEC team in the championship.
I'm rooting for Penn State vs Texas in NC game.
oohh. I hope not..

If it does happen I would have to put my money on Texas.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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