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Official Thread 2011/2012 Buck of the Year Contest ($100 cash)

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Upload what you consider to be your best buck tagged for this deer season to become eligible to win $100 cash. The rules for this contest are as follows.

Must be a buck from the 11\12 deer season.

You must be in the picture with the deer.

Must have 100 posts by Feb 1st 2012.

Picture must be uploaded to this thread.

Winner will be chosen by poll vote from the members of this forum.

Winner will be mailed $100 cash upon the ending of poll voting.

All members and moderators are eligible to win except ME.

1 Entry per person. (you can edit the pic you have entered up until the end of the contest)
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I guess I will start things off


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Rules said that I had to be in the picture along with the buck.
Almost blew it, but mama took one with her phone cam.

It may not be as big a buck as 'yankee' bucks, but it's a decent size for Texas.

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First Ill gun season Nov. 18, 2011.


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Very nice TLF, congrats on a fine buck! My son now lives in Champain any decent hunting in his area?
I don't know anything about the Champaign area HM. That's 100 miles south of where I live, I have to go 280 miles south to where I can hunt. I've started to hunt a little bit on the state ground around there, the way ground is changin' hands around me I don't think it'll be much longer before I lose access to the little patch I have permission for. Is your son's work related some how to the University of Illinois? That college is HUGE anymore and employs tons of people.
Future daughter in law is working at the main hospital there and son is a landscape foreman and going to Parkland community college just down from their condo. They both want to get closer to home as they miss family. Son also works part time at Dick's sporting goods, go figure.
Yeah, I can't imagine how he ever got interested in the outdoors stuff:rolleyes:
Poll will be posted sometime tomorrow evening probably. Today is the last day to enter.
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