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Greetings. please remove if not allowed. New to the Tampa area here. Recent military transplant and loving Florida so far!!!! I am the proud owner of a Bavarian Mountain Hound. We picked up Fritz (picture attached) when stationed in Germany and have been working tracking wounded deer for the past 4 years. No fee required, we just love watching him work. If you are from the Tampa / Brandon area and wound a trophy deer this season please send us a message. To date, he has found every wounded animal we put him on. :) Again, just love the work and watching him on scent!!!!

I am particularly proud of Fritz and his breed, they are known in Europe for their blood and scent tracking. Can pick out and track a wounded animal through in a heard of healthy!

Note: if you hit a trophy and unfortunately know it will run, mark the location the animal was shot at and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRACK - it can confuse the dog. send us a message to see if we can help and watch the magic, lol!
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