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How is the Acorn crop looking this year Naples had NOTHING last year hoping to see a great crop this year
I wasn't going to go this year due to lack of funds but the wife wants some peace that week so I think I need to tick her off more often
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There is White and Red Oaks all over the place here but I haven't been out to looksey.
thanks we had zero here in NH & iwhere we hunt in NY
This year everywhere here was hoping for the same there
Lots of them Dep but alot are on the ground already,no apples whatsoever tho:thumbdown:
Spiker Apples are spotty here too Orchard down the road from me is loaded my trees have nothing 4 trees & I think I have about a total of 5 apples it was funny mine blossomed end of march but got a freeze at my house 1 mile down the road they were fine
I don't have any reports from PA yet on acorns, my guess with the lean rains all summer the crop will pretty weak. I'll have a report by this weekend.
have to agree HM (with the weather) good acorn crop here but like elswhere they are mostly on the ground already poss due to the lack of rain
I'm hoping that's not the case, with a bad winter the deer could be in trouble.
Dep&Hm thats my thoughts also and i think the lack of rain had them drop early too.Ive never noticed them on the ground this early,hope some hang on to October.The apples took a beating with the early warmth and then the hard freeze.Good luck in Naples Dep.
Acorn Drop

I have a white oak and pin oak in my yard.We're in southern PA.The white oak is dumping acorns.I thought we had enough rain,although we did have a dry spell for a couple weeks.
Thanks Spiker always a good time no matter what
Even last year we say a lot of deer even without acorns Kill or no kill it is all about getting away with my buddies
just hoping for the good crop so I know where I would have put my stand but luckily last years lack of acorns taught us a lot
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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