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Not a monster!

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I got this buck 2 days before my season ended, even though he is only a 3 point he was about 120 lbs and was bigger than an 8 point we caught on a trail cam. Needless to so I went ahead and got him mounted! Stupid mount? and Is that bad genes to stay a 3 point?

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That's a great 3pt. It's real tall, I've never seen tines like that. Every deer is a trophy deer and if you want to make a mount then so be it. Great job redman!!!!!!!!!:yes::thumbup:
A trophy deer is different for every hunter. If you wanted the mount you got the right.

Bad genes? Depends on the age.
a trophy is determined by the hunter. looks like you got your self a nice deer. congrats.
Great Deer in my book . . . as long as the meat goes into someone's freezer and the hunt wasn't just for the mount.

Was taught you shoot for two reasons - puttin' food on the table and protecting what's yours! Honest! That's what my grand pappy taught me.
I agree a trophy is in the eye of the shooter. The three point could of been an 8 pt or a spike next year? genetics, nutrition, who knows and would he have been alive next year??? One thing for sure he is in the freezer! Nice going.
I always like those last minute freezer fillers.

Congratulations, that's an awesome trophy.
I've always wondered why hunters think of huge racked bucks when they
hear the word trophy. I've seen many small racked trophy bucks even
does can be trophies & ya know what they taste just as good maybe even better.
How true Bruce, my 5 year old said he is gonna mount the first thing he gets even if it is a doe. I definitely would dish out the the money for that. And yes rdrader everything I get goes in the freezer. Nothing better than the taste of venison.
congrats on the tablefare.

md has the bigger whitetail we see up here in the north AND they have the smaller deer from the carolinas. looking at the deers face its a young deer 1.5 is my first thought. nutrtion is the big deal in most of md. they do have some of the best foods out there, beans, corn, several different oaks, hickory, and lots of it, in md but there are just too many deer for the amount of food.
Actually I got him in mountains in VA, and the hunting has been horrible for years out there.
Actually I got him in mountains in VA, and the hunting has been horrible for years out there.
ahh va, probably my favorite state of those i've spent time in. where in va do you go? there's a lot of public ground in the mt. the east, bay area, is loaded with deer and is much like md but that mt. area is more like pa and the north. interesting mix.

yea, i think its just 1.5 and the bigger northern deer. mind you thats only my opinion.
I've got about 35 acres that is surrounded by national forest in rockingham county. The mountain I'm on, at the top is west Virginia
nice. thats not far from harrisonburg? i make that 81 run a couple times a year. i might even fly into bwi and go to the sportsman show at the rockingham fair grounds, i think it is, the middle of feb with my buddy from md. i'll be headed that way the end of april anyway, going to roanoke, va for my daughters graduation.
You got it, it's about 45 minutes Northwest of harrisonburg.
A little town called bergton VA
roger raglin is going to be at the show. i think its feb 19 20 and 21. he does a good seminar. pretty much keeps ya laughin.
Nice Deer , Loooooong body thats for sure
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