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I've been shopping around lately for a new rifle, and while i was having a look at some of Ruger's offerings, I began to think about my first rifle. Odd what can pop into your head when you least expect it, and I thought "What the hell, I'll share the story and just maybe, others will have their own tales about that first gun."
I found it in the back of a pawn shop, unceremoniously left in a corner of the "Gun Room" to gather dust and slowly rot away. Being enamored of antiques, or old junk as is more often the case, I fell in love at first site. It was an old bolt action .22 very much like the Remington model 33. The stock was faded and cracked, with a few well intentioned nails pounded in by a previous owner to keep her in one piece. The rear site was long gone, and the barrel looked like it had been through hell. Somehow, and I give credit to both the desert air and providence on this, the bore was bright and shiny, and the bolt was buttery smooth. There was no price tag, so after a little negotiating I handed over $50 and walked out with my prize. After a little TLC she became a great plinker, Everything a lazy ski-bum could want out of a "just for fun" rifle. I've since owned many a better rifle, but none have brought out quite the same feelings of pure joy, almost love really.. Of all the guns that have passed through my hands, that was the only one I regret having let go. If I could go back, I would have beat myself for even thinking about getting rid of it and instead kept her as a wall-hanger, a fitting shrine for the one that started this damnable obsession I've now got.:smile:
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1971 my mom signed for a Ruger single six 22 revolver. That was my first purchase and I still have it. My second purchase 1973 was a Rem model 760 pump in 30-06 and still have it also. My first gift was/is a Rem 870 wingmaster in 16 ga somewhere around Christmas of 1967 still have too. I have a Rem model 34 probably very similar to your's, in bolt action tube feed. It shoot shorts, longs and long rifle. Not sure of the production date but it's in good condition.
nice story Rabbit
I do remember my first gun as I still have it it is a 1942-45 remington "The sportsman" My Granfather gave me before he passed away back in the early 80's I remember tearing it down & cleaning it with him almost weekly
I think it was to keep me busy & out of his hair but it worked I enjoyed doing it I never got to shoot it with him as he feel sick quick after he passed we moved to NH couple years later firt thing my dad did was pull the shotgun out we tore it apart cleaned it & shot it all day I killed my first animal with it a snowshoe hare & put it in my display case & don't think I have sot it a dozen times since I pull it out monthly & clean it while thinking of Pop-Pop (that is what we called him) I will pass this on to one of my daughters & hopefully they will share the memories of me with it & pass it down to there kids but if they decide to get rid of it so be it all I know is as long as I am alive it will stay in the family
i still got my first rifle. it does have a speshal place in my heart, so i know exactly what you mean. i have bought and sold dozens of guns in my life, but would never even think about selling it. i also remember the first gun i hunted with. my grandfathers old ithica 20 ga. deerslayer. there is nothing i would not give to get my hands on that gun.
For me it is the shotguns passed down from my grandpa.

Savage 16 and 20 gauge. Will never get rid of those.
I remember hunting rabbits using an old .22 with my grandfather when I was in my youth. My uncle has it now and it will probably pass to one of my cousins later on. This rifle was loaded through the side of the stock after unscrewing a threaded tube from the end of the stock. The tube was pulled out, the rounds loaded into tube via the side of the stock, the tube re-inserted and screwed back down tight. It's been many years since seeing this rifle, much less firing it. I'm guessing that it was a Remington, since my grandfather was fond of them, but I'm not quite sure. Anyone have any ideas???
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