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north carolina trip was awsome

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i was in nc last week hunting tuesday thur friday was inline season for me and saturday was first day of rifle i did not see a deer all week until saturday morning the sun was coming up and as the deer came close i could see it was a buck not sure how big .but i knew it was a buck so i shot boy was i surprized to fined an 11 point buck with heavy mass i am hooked im going back two more weeks this place is awsome between all the guys in camp and all the wildlife i am very lucky :lol: Deer Natural material Organism Grass Wood
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Nice!!!! Great job buddy, that is a fine buck!!!
congratulations! that's a fine looking Buck for sure...
Great deer. Sitting in the stand all week was worth it. Alot of boys would have been wore out by the Sat. hunt.
:wacko:here is a good laugh for all of you about my hunt i was useing my new t/c 7mm with the burris eliminator scope the deer ran up that fast and close i never had time to turn the scope on i shot him at 74 yards and he dropped right there i guess that's a good thing
so he never saw the laser, but went to sleep anyways. :zzz:
nice deer! I love the chocolate colored racks! Don't see those that often here in Missouri
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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