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no luck

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i just aint having no darn luck during muzzleloader this year.. i didn't even see a deer this morning. i only got two more days to hunt before i go back to work so something with a nice rack better start walking by my stand. (while im in it) i saw plenty of turkeys though. hopefully ill be able to find them in the spring
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better but still no deer

at least i saw deer today.. but still if it aint in the back of the truck it dont count.... one more day of huntin left before i go to work..:wallbash: im gonna go ahead and call this for ya.. i will tag a deer tomorrow... not a doe either.. a buck at least a 6 or better.. yes ive dropped my limit from an eight cuz my patience is wearing thin.. check the gallery by tomorrow night.. it will be there :thumbup:

:wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: well well well... i should have known you cant call it when your hunting deer.. the stupid weather man did not help out either. he said cold not a darn word about the wind...the stinkin wind was blowin bout 25 mph most of the day. stupid me just thought i would sit till it stopped..:crazy: well it never just gald i did not get sick from swinging in the tree for 8 hrs... at least i did not get skunked.. i saw a spike and a doe..
If I would have set up there 8 hours I would have brought that doe home. Fine eating.
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