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NM Antelope Hunts (Price reduced) Trophy Goats

NM Arrowhead Outfitters
Here is the deal need to get rid of these two tags in unit 42. Only tags on this 14,000 acre ranch so no other hunters to bug. Good area with lots of goats and chances at some really good ones.
This will be a just guided hunt, you provide food, lodging and fuel during hunt.

Cost is 1,800.00 for 1 person booking 1x1 hunt, or buy both hunts for 1,500.00 a person 2x1. tax not included.
All you need is a Antelope license which is $260.00.

Hunt Dates Aug. 27- Sept 10 on Unit 41 or Archery is August 6-14
Call now to book

Go to website for pics.

Justin Medina
NM Arrowhead Outfitters - Home
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