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now there are what 4 from nh on dhc? there's me, huntnh, gfdepty2, rozman. giving tn a run. but now that i think about it i was raised in tn so i could go either way. let me rephrase that. I could be from tn or nh.
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there was someone elce that sighned on the other day from NH. i posted a link to hear on another nh based sight about a week ago so we should be gaining ground on TN.:pickle:
Wow that's a good showing from our wittle state of NH & thanks for clearing that up ronn before some one else did
I am in the same boat grew up in NY moved here when I was 16
As far as active users yall NHers are up. Me and buckshot are about the only tns that get on here regular. NY has an impressive showing as well.
thats right. theres a few new folks from ny
im kinda from tennessee i geuss i could claim tn ky or ks i hunt them all im from ks but stationed in ft campbell and hunt both tn and KY so ill for the underdogs
What a sad state of affairs....:no:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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