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NH opened today

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Got out there to where I'd been hearing and saw a nice tom, crack of before daylight this morning. We had a drizzle going. He fired up about quarter past 5. Did some calling to him but he was a ways off. they were working towards me in days past so I was going to stay put. Long sorry short after flanking him and him flanking me and playing hopscotch and roundy roundy noon rolled around and I had to leave him after 3 hrs and a mile one way of tug-o-war over ledge and boulders all going up a mt side. The cool thing was first thing after they started talking and I was calling I thought I heard a deer behind me. I'm sitting against a tree that about 2 ft in dia. Anyway I look over my left shoulder and I didn't see anything so I went back to playing with the birds. Then at the same time, I heard something and felt a thumping be it on the ground but I think in was the decoy sticking out of my vest. I look over my right shoulder and was nose to nose with a coyote. Not to proud to mention I may have pooped a little. I could have graped its muzzle say less than 2 ft from my face. It ran to my right and stopped out there 30 35 yards. Joel you'll be glad to know that NH is less 1 coyote. I shot and it ran off but there was hair everywhere. Hevi shot 6's just didn't dump it. Heavy rain for tomorrow so I'll be checking the fields looking for a hot old bird.
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Not to proud to mention I may have pooped a little.
:lol::lol::lol: Thats great... Neat experience for sure. good luck on them birds.
I bet the Canine pooped a little too..
Wow I bet that you wont forget that little experience for awhile. That's good that you got the coyote they're getting out of control here. Good luck with the turkey.
had a doe and yearling 30 yards from me for a half hr this morning. They were just feeding along. Then off to work. heard one gobble and that was it.
keep at it .im gonna head out tomorrow.was gonna go today but something came up
Good Luck ronn and to all NH turkey hunters!!!!!!!
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