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My son said to me a couple years ago that he was disappointed that I didnt cook venison as much as he would like. I told him if he wanted venso that much he would have to do a few things and shoot his own. He has now ventured down that path of no return. a couple of months ago, my youngest daughter asked me to teach her to shoot a bow. it didnt take long to measure her draw length and realize none of my bows would fit her even if I derated them. Saturday, after a disappointing hunting morning I decided I was going to kill targets. I got her to the bow shop and they fitted her with their sons rig. she took to it very well and was very consistent with her accuracy.
Its looking like she is interested enough to be considering her own bow.

I have another daughter, that spent time in the southeastern dove fields with me when she was 2 yrs old. NEXT!
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I know where you are at bought a bow for my oldest daughter. she doesn't want to hunt but loves shooting guns & bows
then my youngest wated to deer hunt so I bought her a rifle. This year she started to Turky hunt so I got her a shotgun now she wants to try & shoot a bow. she wants to start just shooting targets then maybe deer hunt so Yup now time to get a bow I have created a Monster but I love it
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