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Hi guys, Just wanted to introduce myself as the newbie here. I've been looking over a few of the threads. I friend of mine, who shall remain south of the Mason /Dixon line, told me about you guys. I flat out love/live to hunt. Whitetail, turkey, upland birds, varmints, sometimes moose, a little bear, small game. I have been hunting from about 10years old. Here recently I've chosen to step up my deer hunting to another level by trying to take mature bucks. I hunt hard and serious but with like everything else in life its got to be fun. anyway look forward to talking to you all.
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Ronn,welcome To The Club!!i Know You Will Find This Forum Very Useful As I Did And The Members Are Awsome And Allways Willing To Help Out As Much As They Can.they Are Very Kind People.again Welcome To The Club!!!
Yes welcome to the club... I was curious who recommended our site to you because like him I also am south of the mason/dixson line. Make yourself at home and enjoy!!
Always room by the fire for a new member. A "welcome" from the Big Sky country of Montana.

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Thanks Buddy! I wish I could say something bad about ronn but he really is a great guy. Bruce you need to talk with this man-----NH!!
WoW I thought you looked at me like another Yahoo!
Greetings from Vermont Ronn,
Welcome to the club... I'm glad wmi invited you to come join us.
I'm planning a NH hunt this year So, If you don't mind, at some point I may give you a shout for advice.
In the meantime have a ball here at the Club because we all sure do...:w00t: :w00t:
Thanks guys if I can be of any help what soever just holler. :yes:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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