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Welcome to the site buddy, greetings from WNY. You've come to the right place for help/advice and have another year to get started for next season. If you scroll around the site here you will come across just about any question you may have on deer hunting. Anything specific, just ask. There is alot of great people here to assist you.

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41 year old male wanting to get into deer hunting. I live in Ohio any advice? This is all totally new to me, so any advice would be helpful.
Greetings from Vermont and Welcome to the Club...
Your first step should naturally be to complete a Hunter safety course in your local area.
If you haven't completed the course yet please refer to the following link.
Here's a link to the Ohio Division of Wildlife for Hunter Education Information <--Click to view
And like Timberghost said, don't hesitate to ask questions..
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