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Hey ronn, it's a great starter gun and i'm sure it will be enjoyed.
Hey gamestalker those are good sights for us old guys! lol
i'm sure it will, daddus. i'd use it for a filntlock season. its an old thread about my thoughts on cva or the one i own anyway. so it was a joke, i was only kidding around with hm.

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TG, triggers are all different. These are as follows: cock the hammer, pull the rear trigger to set the front hair trigger. Once the hair trigger is pulled the hammer, which has a piece of flint held in it's jaws, strikes the frizzen and scrapes hot steel sparks which sets off the pan powder which sets off the main charge. If it all works it goes woosh bang.
Ronn, you saw who the rifle is for..........whats a dad/father-in-law good for :nerd:

The big deer sight reminds me of what I'm susposed to shoot at.:w00t:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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