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new tree stand

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My son, hubby, and I braved the nasty snowy weather here today to get to the open house at our favorite bow shop and I was sure glad we did. There was a guy selling some of the neatest hang on tree stands. I had just enough money on me to take one home (wish i could have got 2). I wish i knew how to post a link but i don't so you guys will just have to Google Johnson 360 tree stands. These things are built tough and have a lifetime guarante

Im not trying to spam anyone with this post i just really think these are awesome stands.
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Hey K-Doe, I've seen these before but never really took a good look 'til now. You're right, they look great. The adjustable angle is a monumental plus, and being away from the tree is great, not to mention a swivel seat WITH a backrest. I could see sitting in this stand all day with no problem. I see they are not cheap, but oh well, 'ya generally get what 'ya pay for. The real problem I see for you is "rock, scissors, paper" with hubby to see who gets to use it!!HAHA
They aren't cheap but they were on sale so I got one for $250. Ya I think I better practice my rock, paper, scissors cause now that's gonna be a BIG problem!
Looks like a great bow stand. I like the room at the bottom. Makes my hang ons that I never hunt anymore look itty bitty.
I like how you can pull out a pin and the base drops down so no one else can sit in it. We've got a "friend" that likes to sit in our stands when were not around. That would put a stop to that.
What's the weight rating on that stand ? It don't look fat boy friendly lol but defanatly a nice bow stand.
they told us 300 but my hubby and the guy selling them both were in one at the same time and I'm sure there was at least 500 pounds on it and it seamed rock solid.
Seems like a neat stand- never seen that design before. The next stand I want to buy is another ladder stand but for 2 people. There's a brand out there that makes a 2+ person ladder stand and it goes about half way around the tree, kinda in a half circle almost. It's pretty neat, and I WANT ONE!

Kinda like this one below-- but this isn't the one I want, it's the only one I could find that somewhat resembled the one I want! lol

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