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New Toy

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Got the TC Triumph today and quick mounted the Leupold 3X9 on it to see how it looks. Range time is next. I purchased some TC shock wave super glides in 250 gr to start with. I have to decide on powder or pellets?
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hope you take it to that woods your son hunts and field test it good. toys are fun
Congrats the bh209 is good stuff more consistant then the pellets with no crud ring
I bought a can of the Blackhorn powder to try vs pellets as I think I can get more velosity. The Tc Triumph is now wearing the Luepold scope with Millet rings and black Browning sling. The whole rig looks pretty good, now we'll see how it shoots with the TC shockwave 250 gr super glides. I couldn't locate any shotgun 209 primers and had to settle for Remington muzzleloader 209 primers. I assume these aren't as hot as shotgun primers? Is this correct?

Blackhorn 209 requires a hot primer for ignition. Your ML primers may not fire it. You really need CCI 209M or Fed 209A primers for consistent ignition.

You will really like the BH209 after you use it. With 110grs, 200 yard shots are not a problem.

Good luck.
Appreciate the info! Bass Pro is sold out of all shotgun primers. I kind of figured the Rem muzzleloader primers would be a bit lacking on power. Untill I can locate some hot primers I'm going to try to get the gun close on paper and then do a final sight-in with the hot primers.
t/c triumph

hey i got a t/c triumph and i got a nikon omege scope on it i use 2 pyrodex pellets and a 250 grain t/c shockwave super glide and at 100 yards i can put 5 shots in the same hole so impressed with the gun and set up
Took the Triumph to the range today but due to the wind I only used the 70 yd range. I have to say its a great gun to shoot, but it took 17 shots to get it close. I set it 2" high at 70 yds using the 250 gr TC shock waves and 100 gr of Black Horn powder and CCI primers. I hope to get back to the range and go up on powder and range yds. Overall not a bad day.
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