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Lots & lots of camo...

...These wild turkey have the best eyesight going!! You really need to suit-up with as much camo as you can, including your hands,face, and your gun.Wiry old Toms can spot a shinny gun barrel,or a wrist watch,or your bright white socks, or the whites of your eyes!! I've got an old 12 Ga. that I use, that I applyed camo tape to the entire gun, and that was before they came out with the newer camo guns. Camo cap and face mask,pluse brown or camo gloves are a must. Two things to remember: 1. sit still!!! 2. don't over call, make that Tom wonder where you are. ( I have noticed on some of the T.V. shows, these turkey hunters wont shut up on their calling) When you hear a gobble, try to get close to him, run if you feel it's nessary, and set up about a 100 yds out. Great to have a decoy to set up about 20 yds out in front of you. Pick a spot that has brush that will break-up your outline, set down and get ready for the wait
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