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New to the site & hunting

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Hey all just wanted to say hi. Just went on my first deer hunt 3 weeks ago and I have never been so addicted to anything so fast in my life. My father in law asked me to join him at deer camp this year and I had a blast. I didn't get a chance to pull the trigger but it was awesome being out in the woods with the anticipation of that first wall hanger stepping out of the thicks. I used a pop up blind and it was actually pretty comfortable to sit in all day. Since I got back i have not been able to get hunting out of my mind, I even have dreams about hunting. Looking back and what I've learned from research since I've been back theres alot I did wrong but oh well you gotta walk before ya run right?.
I also wanted to say this is an awesome forum, I belong to several atv/snowmobile forums and its such a bashing. It's all about "mine is bigger than yours" and you can't even post without some 13yr old calling you out on something they have now clue about. From what I've read so far this forum seems to be well run and everybody respects others thoughts and opinions.
Anyways I look forward to learning alot from all you master hunters out there, I'm like a sponge, I'll soak it all up!!!
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A big welcome, and welcome to the force luke. You have just contracted one of the strongest illnesses in the world and I am glad to say there is no cure. You can onlt treat it daily with frequent trips to the woods.. For me this seems to take the edge off and controls it for short periods.. You stated that your father in law infected you with the bug- you must be 20-25 years old so you have some ground to make up. lotts of great adventures ahead of you and that wallhanger is around one of the next trees....good luck and dont forget to post that wallhanger when you meet him...
Old man's advice.

It gets pretty annoying reading this kind of complaint about hunting and hunters. But in my opinion the guys who write this stuff are just trying to bait us. After all, they are writing in a hunting forum and honestly don't expect to change anyone's mind. They just want to insult and upset us, so we don't give them what they want. My idea is to not let them even think they have an audience or that anybody cares about what they have to say. How about the next time someone writes something like this, we don't write one word in response. Just think about them waiting for some recognition (even in the form of a rebuttal), and getting nothing for their effort. It would mean they wasted their time; like their "wonderful" ideas and "brilliant" writing just fell into a big black hole. In other words, what we really reply with is a big collective, "WHO CARES!" The silence would be devastating to someone like this. We use some psycology on them instead of giving them what they want. What do you guys think?
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Whoever this guy is, I respect his opinion. That's as far as it goes. Otherwise, he sounds like a pompous butt. I also respect stuff I find on the ground... I walk around it. If anyone actually KNOWS this guy, I suggest you do the same..... Nuff Said.
Hey thundergod I think you got lineslinger confused with franoble. Lineslinger just made a copy of franobles post about slamming deer hunters. Since the time of franobles post he has been banned from the site. PETA will welcome him with open arms.
Hey thundergod I think you got lineslinger confused with franoble. Lineslinger just made a copy of franobles post about slamming deer hunters. Since the time of franobles post he has been banned from the site. PETA will welcome him with open arms.

It's all fixed now... No harm No foul. lol
For me, after God created earth/nature, he created man. He sent man out to hunt and gather food. He said hunting was a good thing. That's enough authority for me. I get to enjoy my life and make daily decisions based upon freedom and all that goes with it. Living in The United States of America is still a blessing and one for which I am eternally greatfull! To those who do not understand the nature/hunting part of this life have missed one of the maker's greatest givings. That's the end of this message.
Man thats great to have another new hunter in the world to beable to get outside and enjoy the outdoors hey man dont worry about shooting a deer really soon dont make a mistake like me even though im only a 12 yr old ive been hunting for 5 years and the mistake i was talking about was when my dad first took me deer hunting for real where i would get a chance to shoot i got trigger happy and the very first buck I saw that was 8 points i shot it and it was a ittybitty basket horned but and now i regret shooting it but after that i learned to be patient and about a year later i shot my real first deer (the small one all i did was pull the trigger my dad aimed and positioned the gun and he only let me shoot it cause i threw a really big fit lol) it it was much bigger than the small one so just be patient and you will get the big one I know a guy who didnt shoot a deer for 5 years i mean he passed up some nice bucks and then one night when we came back from hunting and drove into the camp the guy who hadnt shot a deer for 5 years killed a 14 point, that just goes to show that patience is the best attribute you can have in deer hunting. Hey when you shoot one pm me
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