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Man thats great to have another new hunter in the world to beable to get outside and enjoy the outdoors hey man dont worry about shooting a deer really soon dont make a mistake like me even though im only a 12 yr old ive been hunting for 5 years and the mistake i was talking about was when my dad first took me deer hunting for real where i would get a chance to shoot i got trigger happy and the very first buck I saw that was 8 points i shot it and it was a ittybitty basket horned but and now i regret shooting it but after that i learned to be patient and about a year later i shot my real first deer (the small one all i did was pull the trigger my dad aimed and positioned the gun and he only let me shoot it cause i threw a really big fit lol) it it was much bigger than the small one so just be patient and you will get the big one I know a guy who didnt shoot a deer for 5 years i mean he passed up some nice bucks and then one night when we came back from hunting and drove into the camp the guy who hadnt shot a deer for 5 years killed a 14 point, that just goes to show that patience is the best attribute you can have in deer hunting. Hey when you shoot one pm me
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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