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New to me bow

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Well I run across a deal I just couldn't pass up, needless to say ill be sighting in my new to me, Hoyt dynaTec zr200, 60-70 lbs split limb bow, cam and a half set up, ( never shot a cam n half set up before) smooth draw. Had Hoyt sights, muzzy drop away rest, and camo carry sling, bow is 32.5" axes to axes
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congrats on the deal, sounds pretty sweet.
yeah looking forward to getting it sighted in tomorrow !! been swapping tips and broads around, and getting all lined up n ready. now im like a kid on christmas eve im on pins n needles wanting to get out and sling some sticks though this thing !! :w00t: this is my first hoyt but everyones got nothing but good to say about them so anyways here is a pic of it.


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Nice bow best of luck to you, even though I am a mathews man lol
Congrats on the Bow & good Luck with it gotta love the apple
been very pleased with my Hoyt(s)
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