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new to hunting..quick question

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I recently got permission to hunt a new property. The property is mostly field (corn field) and tree line that borders most of it and opens up into a power line field. The owner of the corn field said we can hunt there but his only rule was only two cars are allowed to park if we get there and there are more than two cars we cant hunt. A friend and myself have been going there for nearly a month and havent seen another car besides ours there at all. I just found a ladder stand that is on his property near the that you can shoot both powerline field and corn field. The ladder stand looks really old, the seat is all worn out and the bow hanger has bark growing all around it. I just put a new seat in it.

my question is..the other day my friend said he saw a guy cutting shooting lanes by that stand.
what should I do if the guy comes back and wants to hunt the ladder stand while I am in it???
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Thats a tough one......if it was me and I knew the stand was on the property I had permission to hunt, I would go ahead and hunt it. If the guy showed up then I would just explain the situation. Tell him you have permission to hunt and that it looked like the stand had been there for years, just go from there. If he is adamant that you are wrong then i would apologize and find a new spot to hunt. Maybe ask the land owner about him.....
I'm assuming that the stand was there for awhile and belonged to somebody that has hunted there before and if they were seen cutting lanes there then it's a good chance that one day they will be in the stand. If you choose to sit in it you could say that you thought it was an old, abandoned stand that you spruced up a bit and just weren't sure that anyone was using it. They may respect you for adding a new seat but give them priority because they were first to be hunting the area. Or, you could always find a 2nd vehicle to park next to yours so nobody else can come in the area. That would be kind of low but it's an option.
No, no, no, no, no... get up real early one morning and sit in it, and when this guy climbs up the tree in the dark (after you are in the stand) YELL as loud as you can and give him a heart attack! JOKING of course... Boy that would sure scare the heck out of me if that happened...
If I were you, I'd do what waggle said. You never know, maybe this guy has the same idea you have and maybe it's not his stand either.... If i'm ever hunting somewhere where I know there are multiple hunters and we don't get there at the same time, I always leave a note on my truck saying where I'm at, which stand, etc...
hahah tator that would scare the heck out of anybody im sure. Even that night when he was cutting lanes my friend didn't see another car there so he must be coming in from the power lines (supposively that is open to public??) I guess I am just going to sit there and see what happens. the other day my buddy saw a huge 12 pointer chasing a doe 10 yards from that stand.. Cant wait to get back in the woods!!
Where I am from written permission is required to hunt private land as well as having to have the slip on person while hunting. Ran into a similar situation last year. I found a stand on the private property we hunt. Upon asking if anyone else had permission to be there I was told only the small group that I hunt with. So the following morning I sat in this guys stand hoping to see him ( had a hunch who the guy was). Anyways he came in that morning saw me waved and left. Little did he know there was a note from the landowner in my pocket asking him to remove his property by said date or it would be removed for him. I actually spoke with him after the fact and he apologized for being there. So maybe some inquiry of the landowner who should be there is in order. If he is not welcome I say go for it!
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deerless... well at least he waved at you..... don't you just love dummies?
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