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I "hunted" when i was younger, aka climbed a tree and watched the squarls but never seen a deer, i joined the military and a friend got me back into it, and im hooked, ive shot four deer in the last two years, and ive learned alot from him, but i have some questions that im not sure if its what he was taught or if its true,

1. once a spike always a spike, i shot a spike this year because the body was great size to me field dressed at 130, and my friend said it was a good call that the deer didnt have the genes to grow any bigger, is the once a spike always a spike true?

2. ive been told that if you see a doe running alone that dont bother with it, its a button buck, however i found out that they will run in herds to, i shot a button buck this year that was running with a group of fawns, i think they got mixed up and bonded to gether as the farmer was cutting his corn, but will a doe run by herself or all deer running around by themselfs a button buck?

3. I shot my spike and gutted it right there, ive been told thats bad practice because the deer will avoid the gut pile? i figure this can go either way because they could think that hey a preditor got a deer and sucks to be him, or it could spook them becuase they know a preditor is in the area? so is gutting a deer where you hunt a bad idea?

Thanks for the advice
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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