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i would get a couple of stands get in the woods and look for sign look for heavy runs especially where the acorns are and put a stand up where the deer run is upwind of you down let the wind blow from you to the deer trail wind is crucial you always want to be where the deer are not going to smell u ! look for rubs and scrapes along field edges and look for rub lines and scrape lines near field edges and food sources but i think right now you must look for white oaks thats where they will be and like i said downwind yourself ! and if u can invest in some scent loc and buy a bottle of scent eliminator and spray when you get dressed and spray yourself down when you get in your stand or blind again
remember be still and be scent free free free free scent free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
any questions feel free to contact me any time lopedog394!
good luck buddy you will get one have patience thats the other key patience patience patience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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