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I tend to agree with Hunting Man. The Savage rifles always seemed to like they are just of a much lower quality than the other major brands. (Remington, Winchester, Ruger,etc) I also like the older guns better than newer ones. When I walk into a gun shop, the first place that I usually look is the used gun rack.
A good bolt action is hard to beat, but I've also been very happy with the accuracy & handling of my Remington 7600 "pump action" rifles. I have a 7600 in .30-06 that shoots a better group than my old .30-06 Remington 700 bolt action.
When you decided on a .30-06 you picked an excellent caliber for deer that will also handle any other North American game that you may later decide to persue. Don't let people persuade you to want one of the "big magnum" calibers. They aren't necessary, cost a lot more to shoot, and the recoil from them can make you pick up bad shooting habbits that will affect your accuracy.

The other posters gave good advise when they said to scout early, learn the woods & sign. The more time you spend in the woods ahead of time the better your chances are to be successful.

Good luck,
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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