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I understand what the oldguy is trying to express here and when you consider the way hunting was many years ago in it's most primitive form vs what hunters have available to them today, there's a HUGE difference.

Years ago a hunter was literally at one with the animal and when he/she were successful they only had themselves to thank, hunters today rely too heavily on modern technology and manufactured gadgetry,,, I'm guilty of it myself.
Years ago the hunter had his hunting outfit a good shooting rifle, basic lead ammunition, probably a compass, a rope and a knife.

Todays hunter uses the most technologically advanced long rifles, the most innovated ammunition, scopes, spotting scopes, rangefinders, a knife, a rope, calls, scents (lures and masking), baits (where legal), food plots, blinds, "Special" clothing, a hoard of tree stands, compasses, aerial maps, gps units, the internet, special hearing aids, even outfitters who raise deer in fenced compounds and lord knows what else I haven't thought about.
And there's nothing wrong if a hunter chooses to use any or all of that stuff so long as they do it within the laws of the areas they're hunting in.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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