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If you use natural ground cover, trying to be 40 or 50 yards downwind of an active deer run, it will get the hunt and stalk mode going in you and should increase your hunting pleasure. Using commercial hunting blinds or fish shantys on the ground or in the air over bait piles is just meat hunting and you lose the thrill of the hunt and your sporting ability of fair chase (after all, like most of us, you will already be using a modern firearm) that in itself should be enough advantage for you except what natural ground cover you can use (ferns, old stumps, cradle knowls ect.) Best I can tell you is not to copy most of these modern hunters that give themselves all of the advantages and the deer none and hunt and stalk you prey giving it a fair chase chance, yup you might not catch your prey everytime but when you do, you will have earned it, pretty much like your forefathers did. And you will get maximum enjoyment from the hunt, after all, its nice to have some venison to eat but, you don't need it for you or your familys survival. I don't see many sportsman out hunting today as in years past. Shooting a deer over a bait pile from a shack 80 to 100 yards away with a scoped high power rifle or muzzle loader is not much of a hunt. Theres nothing wrong giving yourself some advantages, but all I am trying to say is give the deer some advantage and when you get one, and you will, you will have full bragging rights and rightly so.
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2. this kinda follows the first question, but alright, after i get my rifle i am goin to be ready for next years deer season and the land im going out to i have no deer stand, what are other ways that i could be stationary on the ground but still in a good position to take down a deer? and do you have any tips on the deer calls to bring the deer in to sight[/QUOTE]
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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