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I use a combination of chips and when I can get it, sawdusr from the big saws. I get mine at a sawmill. Soak both in water for at least two hours. I put the sawdust in AL foil, leaving the top open. Remember, you want smoke, not flames so get it good and saturated. If your chips flame, the temp goes up quickly.

Now, regarding temp control. If you open the top of the grill, you provide much more oxygen to the chips and they flame. Instead, sprinkle water on the chips or any cooking agent like charcoal to bring the flames down and close the top. Be sure your ,eat is on the opposite side of the chips, not over them. Just keep in mind, you want smoke, not flames and you never smoke directly over the smoking agent. I do not know what a Texas thingie you are talking about so keep that in mind. I'm just telling you what I do.

The key to adding a smokey flavor to meat is to get the smoke in agreement with the cooking time. In other words, you can smoke meat or just add a smokey flavor to meat. There is a difference. Depending on the cut, smoking may take up to 12-hours. In smoking, the heat is very low because you are not cooking, just smoking and the meat is ALWAYS not on any direct heat source. It dries out the meat and the smoke fully penetrates.

Most people are actually just trying to add a smokey flavor to whatever they are cooking. That can easily be done on any gas or charcoal grill. I have both and I have a big, custom smoker as well.

In cooking meat, just do it as you usually would. The difference is in adding the smoking ingredient at the right time. When using chips, as stated, soak them well to prevent flaming. That means you add them long before you add the meat. Once the chips start producing good smoke, check and adjust the temperature, add the meat and cook as usual. However, be sure the meat is not directly over the smoke. Obviously, the type of chip produces different smoke. Some experimenting will tell you what you like. Basic rule of thumb is fruit woods for lighter cuts of meat and birds, poultry and fish.

Best method is to wrap the soaked chips in AL foil, leaving top open and perhaps putting a few more holes in the package. Place over direct heat in one side of the grill or in the attatchment, just put soaked chips directly in. When smoking well and circulating in the grill, add meat and cook. On my custom smoker, I just add the chips in a metal pail-about a sack at a time. Once they start to flame, I remove them and add a new pail.

I also smoke my jerky and my larger fish, fillets and whole. Fish smoke faster than most meat. And...I DO NOT like most wild game smoked due to the lack of marbling. It gets quite dry and tough. However, by wrapping larger cuts such a roasts and brisket from elk or large deer, in bacon, it can be smoked and turn out quite good. I do add a smoked flavor to wild game often.

Just experiment and you will get it the way you want it soon. Hard to beat a 3/4-pound hamburger with a good hickory flavor and a slice of sharp cheddar.

Damn, I hungry! :wacko:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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