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new savage 3006

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Hey I just purchased a new savage 3006 and I was wondering if any one has any views on this gun and info or experince would be appreciated??
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I take it has the accutrigger? Savage rifles are very accurate. The actions are not as smooth as more expensive rifles but the shoot just as good.
Savage also just come out with the accustock which is supposed to greatly improve accuracy I don't know if the one you bought is of this model or not but they sound like great rifles I have heard great things about the accutriggers.
hey guys thanks for the info i am going to go out and shoot it tonight it came with a bushnell sharpshooter 3 -9 x 40 scope is that any good??
typically the scopes are barely borderline with those combo deals. i own 2 savage rifles and like them both not to mention i have their muzzle loader. one rifle came with a scope which i promptly replaced.
Scope choices down the road...

I just talked to a guy that opened a new gun store the other day and we talked about the new Savages. His comment was that it may difficult to re-scope when you want to upgrade the scope later. The setup that Savage uses require a lot of ring spacing on the scope, and it has proved difficult to replace the scopes that came with the rifles. Enjoy the new rifle and just have fun....

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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