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I dont know about the rest of you, but when I see a new product or an older product reinvented. I evaluate it like this.

1st what does this product have that makes it better than what I use or what is already out there. and are these improvements beneficial or just unneeded bells and whistles.

2nd what is the durability of this product. if it is not going to hold up as well or better than the unimproved product I am already not interested.

and 3rd Whats the bottom line. How much over what I already am using is this improved product going to cost me.

Ideally, what sells me is a better product all around at a price identical to the unimproved product. the problem as of late seems to be that anytime someone comes up with something a little different, they feel they need to one up the competitions price tag. I have seen within the last month at least a few items like this and my feedback on these products to their manufacturers are, you succeeded in one uping yourselves right out of a sale!!

tree stands, illuminated nocks and blind seats are three such items of which I refer. what about you?
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Predator I agree
one that sticks in my mind is the primos Up roar now I love primos products I use a lot of their calls for turkey hunting & I have personally have used the buck roar & had it work to some degree then the Up roar came out & it costs another $5.00 my brother had to have it I checked it out & could not really see a whole lot of difference between the 2 & I think the old buck roar sounds a lot better
Great topic predator, it always happens the same way, a new product hits the shelves and soon after the manufacturer convinces all of us that it was the best invention ever, they come out with the "New and Improved" version.
a long time ago I began the process of keeping an eye out for what I thought were good products to use on my hunts and each time I made a purchase It would take a huge change before I would upgrade or replace my older tools of the trade.
There are bazillions of products for hunters most of which are typical gadgetry and a total waste of money, when vocalizing a deer makes one grunt sound but there seems to be hundreds of grunt calls on the market to choose from maybe one is better than the other but I don't think a hunter should stuff his pockets with hopes of tooting on the right one. I think every one might work well enough to spark a deers interest but like everytihng else they it's all trial and error learning what works and what doesn't.
What it boils down to is, buy it only if you need it and replace it when you know it's time to be replaced.
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Great point BB I found same goes w/ Turkey calling I must have 15-20 calls & I bring only the few that I know work
1 slate call
1 box
2 Mouth calls only use 1 & 1 for backup in case I drop it in the dirt or swallow it J/K on that one
the only reason I bring that many is because the three do sound different & have found that different birds respond better to different types of calls
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