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New Non-Typical World's Record January 6, 2009UPDATE 1/6/2009 - A special B&C Judges Panel declared this bull as the new World's Record non-typical American elk on 1/2/2009 with a final score of 478-5/8. (Read the full press release on the B&C home page)

The previous World’s Record for non-typical American elk was 465-2/8 B&C points. That bull was found dead, frozen in Upper Arrow Lake, B.C., in 1994, and was entered into Boone and Crockett Club records by the B.C. Ministry of Environment on behalf of the citizens of British Columbia.

For hunter-taken non-typical American elk, the previous top bull scored 450-6/8 B&C points, taken in 1998 in Apache County, Ariz., by Alan Hamberlin.

UPDATE 2/17/08 - Boone and Crockett Official Measurer, Rusty Hall completed the initial official scoring on this bull. Entry material received at the B&C headquarters shows an entry score of 501-0/8 gross and 480-1/8 final B&C.

UPDATE 2/9/08 - The 60-day drying period has passed and this trophy is scheduled to be offically scored by a Boone and Crockett measuer. Once entered with an official entry score, a special panel of B&C measurers may conviene to re-score and determine if this is a new World's Record and declare such at that time.

Denny Austad hunted with MossBack Guides and Outfitters for 13 days before connecting with this potential new World's Record non-typical American elk on September 30, 2008. It is being reported that this magnificent 9 x 14 bull elk green scores 488 net B&C points and grosses at 500-4/8 B&C points. The abnormal points alone total 130 inches.

If these measurements hold up after the required 60-day drying period and Mr. Austad enters the bull, it must meet Boone and Crockett Club's trophy entry standards before it is accepted. In the event the entry score is near or above the current World's Record, a Special Judges Panel will convene to confirm the final score and subsequently whether the bull is an official new World's Record. The current World's Record non-typical (465-2/8 points) was found dead at Upper Arrow Lake, British Columbia, in 1994.

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