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New Member Here, sayin hey!

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Hey all, just joined the forum to shoot the stuff with all of you fellow enthusiasts. Havent been out a whole lot this year yet because of my college schedule but am looking forward to every opportunity i get! Actually just got a new bow as well, picked up a Mathews Drenalin, anyone else shooting one/have an opinion? got a rock'n deal!
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Hey TeamWisco and welcome to the site. Greetings from WNY.
Greetings from Vermont,, welcome to the club.
howdy from alabama

i am pretty new myself and i have enjoyed this website already. these guys have helped me with some great tips and expert advice. hang around and i hope to hear from you soon.:thumbup:
hello and welcome to the site let us know what you think of that new bow after you get to shoot it more i shoot a hoyt
thanks all! itll be neat to share stuff with people all over the country.shot the bow a little bit today and am working on sighting it in for me but...i love it. what a step up from the setup ive been shooting for about 8 years! (fred bear basically beginner bow) Needed a little more punch to put the hurt on the monsters over here.
Welcome from NORTH CENTRAL MISSOURI! I shoot a PSE, sorry i couldn't help ya....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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