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New hunting place!

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Well I acquired a new hunting spot this week and I am stoked about checking it out this weekend. It is in the area that I have been trying to tap into for the last 3 years. This area is where several huge trophy bucks (200" +) have come from recently that I have heard of. As a matter of fact on my way in there the other day I saw 3 big bucks on the back of a pickup at a gas station. One mulie (150") and two white tails in the 170s. Needless to say that got me pumped up. They came from a farm about 10 miles from the spot I will be hunting. Anyway this spot has a good creek and creek bottom that separates milo, alfalfa, and wheat fields from a brushy hilltop that the deer bed in. After looking around a little I found a shallow spot in the creek where the deer cross (~15 yards across) with a perfect ambush spot. There were 3 different trails that converge onto this crossing and each of them looked like a dad gum cattle trail (no cattle on the place). The ground was powdered with heavy deer travel. I will be spending saturday and sunday scouting this spot...I will take the camera along as I expect some good action. This place has not been hunted in decades and appears to be a hunting paradise. Hopefully this place will hold the type of deer I am looking for. I have all the meat I need for the year and one buck tag left. You better believe it will be saved for hopefully a giant buck that will be roaming this place. I will update this post on monday with the happenings of this weekend.
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Sounds like a great place to be. I hope the cattle trail pays off in a big way for you. Good luck flex!!!!!!!
Good luck with the new paradise. Too bad it couldn't have come along before the tags were used up. Oh well it all taste the same. I look forward to seeing the pics you post after your scouting adventure.
Flexj can I hunt with you PLEASE!:biggrin:
I do still have a buck tag (gun or bow) and two doe tags (bow).

Come on down wmi...but it looks like you already got a big one or two this year.:biggrin:
Two, but who's counting? Sounds like a sweet set up. Seriously, maybe we can swap hunts? I still have a few here I have not put my tag on.:wink:
some guys catch all the breaks :biggrin:Good luck go get em
Aaaand its down in Texas right? So I can come there my hunters license is good and i dont have to buy a OK one riiiiight? :wink:

some guys catch all the breaks
Don't think that I didn't work hard to catch this place...I have been trying to get a place in this area for years. Probably upwards of 30 refusals before landing this one.

wmi...get with me before next season. Maybe we can work something out.

I picked up a spotting scope today. Hopefully that will help me to see them coming a little sooner.
Good luck, can't wait for pictures and a hunting story :coffee:
I had an "ok" weekend at the new place. It is so different hunting over there with the rolling hills, tall grass, and brushy swamp. Lots different from hunting the hardwoods. I had picked up a spotting scope which was a very good idea. I spent basically the whole time glassing the big open fields and brush lines in the swamp. I was sitting on a funnel the first morning and saw some deer. That afternoon I went to the other end of the place where the wind would be better for the anticipated deer movement. At this point I am just going on what the land owner is telling me about deer movement. Again that evening I see some more. The wind was terrible yesterday, and I did not see deer in the same area as saturday, but did see a bunch of does when I was on my way out around noon. I did not shoot anything this weekend, and will probably wind up regretting it. On Saturday morning, one of the deer that went through the funnel was a buck about 20" wide with good mass and had 10 typical points. He had a good rack...probably would have been my second best ever, but I just thought he was too young (3.5y/o).
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