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New Hunting Cabin

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The family is in the process of buying hunting land in West Virginia and was wondering if anyone had any links to hunting cabin designs or any other suggestions. We are starting from scratch so anything would help. Currently, the family has 5 members give or take some and will be growing in the future. Trying to minimize price of the cabin in order to get a larger chunk of land, but a little research always helps.
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Congrats on your land pruchase. Many years ago when I was a tad bit stronger, I built a red oak log cabin with my trusty Stihl chain saw. I had all the oak on site and used a round saddle notch fit. This is not for the meek of heart due to the extreme exhaustion but well worth it. If you have enough standing timber to cut some lumber for building, your overall costs will be greatly reduced. I my though is don't undersize your cabin as it will quicly get small. 576sq' with a 1/2 loft makes for a pretty good size family camp/cabin. It would measure 24 x24. This footage allows for a (L) shape lower floor plan having 1 enclosed bedroom, bathroom. The L shape then is kitchen, dining room, and living space all open. The sky is the limit and part of the fun of building! Good luck and again congrats.
Pole barn ...On a concrete slab is a good way to go 2x6 walls:thumbup:
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