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Hi everybody. I will be hunting for the first time this year. On public land too. Dont have money for a treestand and I dont have a blind. Anybody got any usefull ideas for a first timer?
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Since you're going to be sitting on the ground be as scent free as you can.
id walk slowly, i mean realy slowly. (one step every 3 or 4 minits slowly) though the woods, keeping the wind in my face, and scanning every wear you can see for movment when you are waiting between steps. you dont have to see the whole deer at first, just the flicker of an ear or tail. if and when you see that movment, sit tight and wait for him to offer you a good shot. cances are verry high if you try to move in to close after spotting it that you will spook it and get white flagged. this chance is even higher being that you are a new hunter and probably wont know how close is too close.
i hunt from the ground alot just take your time and take it slow like huntnh said and you will be fine good luck
I prefer hunting on the ground, rather than being confined to a single area.

keep the wind in your face and move extremely slow, the slower the better. keep a sharp eye on any movement you see
even if you think it's just a leave or twig swaying from the wind, It could be the twitch of a deers ear, or the shake of a deers tail.
A lot of hunters start off in the woods by looking for a whole Deer and totally miss out on seeing them before they see you,
you want to try to spot them before they spot you that's why you want to check out anything that moves, in case it's an ear or a tail.
If I spot something in the woods and it isn't a tree in full vertical poistion I don't move any further until I can identify what I'm seeing.

Good Luck
Hey MoBuckfever welcome to the site, glad to have you here. If you sit and wait patiently in an area that you know have deer just find some trails and sit away from them with the wind blowing at you away from the path. For a 1st time hunter you may want to just sit there and listen to the different sounds of the woods and get familiar with the distinct sounds of each animal as well
Awesome. Thanks everybody for the tips. Im pretty excited, its almost here. I know deer go thru where im going to hunt, there are lots of tracks and rubs ive seen. I was out there yesterday and saw a fresh track. in the middle of the footprint, was a four leaf clover. I think its a sign lol, I did take a picture, I had to. I will prolly make that pic my profile pic. Thanks again guys.
i have huntied and killed many deer on public land off the ground. what works best for me is i carry a 5 gallon bucket for a seat (they are like 3 bucks or so and Lowes and Home Depot) and i set in up in a spot and stack a few fallen branches around me for cover. scent ememination is key also, so if you have the money, the HS scent elemination kit is a GREAT value for the cost (full kit is about 25 bucks where i live). hope this helps, and happy hunting!!
good luck, I haven't been deer hunting yet but I've spent a LOT of hours in the woods hunting for sheds, photography, and small game shooting. I know some spots to hunt but getting permission is a whole different story. I gotta look into public lands if they're any good but there are some places I know of where I've seen some decent deer that I want to hunt if I can get permission....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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