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New Hunter In VA

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Hey ya whats up? After 10 years in the Army and all the places I have been station I have finally decided to get into deer hunting I went once back in the day when I was a kid but wasn't really into just went cause my dad told me to. So now 35 years old and want to get into it. I am going this year in northern va. And looking for some advice any and all advice is welcome. I am using a .300 savage model 99E. I'm hunting in a heavily wooded area with a few small clearings. Any advice is much appreciated.
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Hello and welcome from Ohio and another Savage 99 user. I have a 300 savage also the EG model. We should have someone in your area to help on suggestions for first time hunting there.
Welcome to dhc and i also have a savage mdl 99 300sav.mine is a featherweight take down
I dont know what mine is I inherited it. I went this past weekend to shoot it in. accurate as hell
Greetings from Vermont, Welcome to the club.
If you browse through the site you'll find tons of helpful info to help you get ready for your hunt.
Don't hesitate to ask any specific hunting related questions you may have.
Good Luck
Welcome from TN.

You scouted your area any yet? Got much deer sign?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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