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New here.... Hey

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Hey names Jeremy. I am brand new to this site and new to deer hunting as of saturday. Went out on my first deer hunt and got a 9 point buck. I am now addicted and cant wait to use my doe tag soon. Hopefully ill be using this site for many years to come cause i think ill be hunting deer for a while.
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Welcome jeremy from ky and congrats on your first deer !
x2!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the DHC Jeremy and congrats on your 1st deer.....and a 9ptr. That's cool.
Thanks yall. Please feel free to help me out with my delima of possible ruining the meat. I posted a thread about it. I'd rather not get sick.
Welcome from NH & Congrats
Welcome from Missouri- glad to have ya
Greetings from Vermont, Welcome to the club.
Welcome to DHC from Central Texas!

And how 'bout a pic of that 9 point, or is it too late???
Gotta show pics when bragging here! <grin>

Ok so here is the lil guy.


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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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