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new guy

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Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself with my first post. My name is Chris and I am a whitetailaholic! I love to bowhunt.
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welcome. there are some good folks here. check out some of the older posts if you haven't already and welcome again.
wow sounds like we're gonna start to have meetings.Hi my name is joel and i too am a whitetailaholic:lol::lol:Welcome to the forum chris hope ya stay and post :yes:
My name is Bruce, I'm 48 and I too am a Whitetailaholic...
I have to confess I fall off the wagon annually and go right back into the woods in search of them Whitetails,
I managed to rid myself of booze, chocolate and even canned all those wild french women but the whitetails are like
Moths to a flame I just can't shoot enough of them to make them go away...
Whats a hunter to do I ask???
Nice having you here. I guess we are all huntaholics. Living in Montana, I'm a deer-antelope-elk-aholic. I can also be a bighorn-bison-moose-black bear- lion-aholic, but I only have so much time!
yep another whiteaholic here!!! Welcome to the club Chris. Hope you enjoy.
Hey Chris welcome to the site, greetings from WNY. Wishing to remain anonymous, my name is timberghost and I too have a serious problem with woods and whitetail and has been great therapy LOL.
Hello my name is pdstan512 and im a whitetailaholic
Welcome and the next W.A. meeting is friday...:lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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