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You are already programmed to the M700

If you own and shoot 3 Remington M700s I would suggest you stay with what you are most comfortable with. You already know the 700's safety, trigger and bolt action by muscle memory. In the Remingtons you have a lot of choices with chooseing between the CDL and Mountain rifles. There are also their Custom shop models. You are looking at magnums, I usally stay away from them because I don't like recoil. If I was going to buy one for long range Deer I would get a 7mm Rem mag. If I was getting one for Elk hunting I would get a 338 Win mag. I haven't owned either but the 7mm is suppose to kick not much more than my 3006, and the 338 mag is suppose to be more comfortable then the 300 Win mag. Whichever way you go save some money for quality optics to go with the rifle.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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