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new gun

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i am wanting to get a new gun but i cant make up my mind on what i want, i have narrowed it down to the sako, another remington 700, i have never owned a sako, but i own several 700 actions. im also not sure on the caliber, i like the 270 wsm, and the 300 win mag, but ive also loked into the 270 weatherby mag and i like what i see the ammunition is pricy but im not gonna be doin a lote of shooting with it just hunting. im kinda relying on you guys to help me make up my mind. pricing of the gun is not terribly important but i dont want to go blazer exspensive, so if you all could post i would appreciate it. thanks
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I have 3 270 wm rifles, they are smoking fast and hit with authority. Just a bit stout on recoil.
My brother-in-laws have Sakos and they are absolutely great rifles, but then again so are Rem. 700's. You already have 3 700's, why not try a Sako, I don't think you will be dissappointed. As far as caliber, depends on what you wanna hunt with it. It is really hard to beat a 270, it is by far one of the "killingest" rounds ever developed. They are super fast and shoot really flat. Unless you are planning to use this gun for moose and bear, the 270 will do you justice for everything from antelope to elk. Think about how versatile the 30-06 is and always has been, the 270 is pretty much a .277" bullet sitting in a necked down 30-06 casing. I also love the 300 Win Mag, I've used this more than any other caliber. If you absolutely need one gun to kill anything that walks in North America, then go with the 300 Win Mag. If it will be more of a deer/elk gun, I like the 270. Just my 2 cents worth!!
Have you ever thought about 7mm rem mag? They share common characteristics with the 300mag, but less recoil. I have a Win M70 in 7mag and love it!!!

also the bullets aren't too expensive.
You are already programmed to the M700

If you own and shoot 3 Remington M700s I would suggest you stay with what you are most comfortable with. You already know the 700's safety, trigger and bolt action by muscle memory. In the Remingtons you have a lot of choices with chooseing between the CDL and Mountain rifles. There are also their Custom shop models. You are looking at magnums, I usally stay away from them because I don't like recoil. If I was going to buy one for long range Deer I would get a 7mm Rem mag. If I was getting one for Elk hunting I would get a 338 Win mag. I haven't owned either but the 7mm is suppose to kick not much more than my 3006, and the 338 mag is suppose to be more comfortable then the 300 Win mag. Whichever way you go save some money for quality optics to go with the rifle.

Well judging from my name I guess you can tell what I would go with. The Remmington 700 as far as I am concerned is one of the best out of the box shooters. I have 3 REM700 CDL SF in 7MM-08, 270 Win, 30-06. Would not take any other gun in the woods, beside Savage 110 that I own calibers from .243-.300 Win Mag. Buy American Guns!
well like i said ive got several 700s in different calibers, but the 270 weatherby mag is 1 ive never had any dealing with, and i would kinda like to try it out.
The Sako would be an excellent choice and a step up from a M700, without a doubt. As far as a chambering, the .270WBY is a hot number but very $$ for ammo, very! If you're gonna reload, then that's not a serious matter, but if you're going to shoot factory loads, the WSM version is a lot easier on the old wallet.

I would not handicap my choice by not wanting to shoot it often, because ammo was so pricey. The .270 WSM is a step up from the standard .270 Win and a very flat shooting cartridge. The one I shoot, on a Model Seven action has moderate recoil, on a par with an '06 shooting 180gr to my shoulder.
Lots of options out there for buying ammo and lots more choices for the WSM version.

Good luck!!
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