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Dudley wrote this in a response to someone on the cva blog,

"Right now, I am shooting a brand new PoweBelt called the AeroLite. It is a very long bullet, but is kept light by having a very large hollow point cavity that is then filled with an equally large hard polycarbonate aerotip. This allows the 250 bullet to be as long as a 300 grain standard or Platinum PowerBelt. This extra length and the aerodynamic shape of the bullet make it incredibly accurate -- I am talking 100 yard groups with all holes touching! Also, these AeroLites are "tuned" to perform best with 100 grain charges -- what most shooters actually use -- and with velocities produced by 100 grain charges they are devastating. They can also be used effectively with magnum charges, as long as the range is far enough for the speed to have reduced to about 1800 FPS or below. We will start shipping these early in 2011."

And here they are!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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