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New food plot

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I set up 2 plots of iron clay peas,they are 12" tall and there is very little has been eaten, some has already grew back, one off the plots one deer has walked thru eat a little & left. does it take a long time for the deer to find a plot by trails . my 1st effort at this thanks.
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Dont worry about it now the deer will find it
Its giving the crop time to grow and set pods for future use
welcome to the club
I agree with delbert, deer don't have any problems finding food. Welcome to the club.
Can a possum find a gut pile?? The deer will definitely find the food.
Deer don't need to find food now, it"s all over the place but come Dec or Jan if its still there no problem!
That's true, spring and early summer provide goodies until things dry up or you live in an area with little natural brouse. I think food plots help deer herds and see no reason not to plant if you have the means.
deer love beans when they are first blooming and under 12" tall. Once they hit around 12" they will still eat them, but not as frequent. (at least here in MO it's like that). I'm assuming you are keeping the beans in there until you plow them up in the spring? If so, be patient. I bet you one thing... there are more deer eating off that plot than you think.
my buckwheat grew great and then dried up :( darn colorado dry weather
With these summers now im almost convinced just to do fall annuals.Its alot less stress than praying and hoping for rain.
My property that I hunt has several ridges and rocky bottoms. Its all woods, no open fields. I was wondering what kind of food plot would work best for my situation?? I have never planted any plots before but think I woukld like too. Thanks for any help.
buckwheat grows quickly with enough moisture, but if you get a dry spell, it dries up on you. I am with the other guy, next year will be annual fall food plot, this spring/summer stuff was a waste of time and money.
found the peas

the pea patch areas are in good shape ,there eating and the leaves are regrowing,goen to put a camera in ,for a look see, thanks:w00t:
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