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New F-150

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Finally got everything installed. Leer cap fits nice and they matched the truck color. This truck looks black in the shade but it's really a deep green met.


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It looks nice HM- seriously, that's a nice ride- and YES I would drive it if I owned it!

Congrats on the new ride--- now don't be afraid to go get it DIRTY
Very Cool. It should serve you well for many years.
Looks real nice man with shiny rims and a sleek profile!!!!!!!!
looks awesome HM !!! Congratulations and best wishes with your new truck. :thumbup:
I see you went with the longer bed option too HM, good choice!!
Nice ride. Should do/haul whatever you need. You can now sell your house and sleep in the back of your truck if need be!
after my share of the son's wedding in two weeks you may see me living in it! This is the last one no matter what!
It's over period, done, terminated, :ranting:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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