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New Duck House

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A good friend of my son and i wanted to build a new duck blind on the farm :thumbup: doesn't duck hunt just wants to cook and have a good time
We have 3 days in the build so far
just some progress pic as it goes along
Were all going to enjoy the Paul Carti'a blind

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More pics to come next week Paul has a great plan for this place
where is the grill gonna be? lol. looks good.
So this one is an outdoor's man cave? :w00t:
The boss man had us working till dark yesterday

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Can I come over? Sweet looking blind/cabin!
Sure BF i keep tabs on my deer , but ducks are endless
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Looks good.. Do you have a saw mill or did you just go by the ends from a mill.
we got the load from the mill
My bro in law bought several bundles awhile back. I think the plan was to build some cabin like structure on his place. We have still not went anywhere with it. I will have to show him pics of this duck blind.
Sure BF i keep tabs on my deer , but ducks are endless
I wouldn't have an issue shooting ducks outa that blind! I like it. I need one of those on the river, would have all kinds of buddies!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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