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new bows

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well with all the advances in todays bows this year it seems to have bottomed out.everyone(pse,mathews,elite,etc.)seems to have just tweeked things a little.these bows are starting to remind me of the gaming systems we buy are kids a little better every year.
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you are probably correct more than not. However, I think PSE did one up this year by taking one of their flagship bows (the Dream Season) and incorporating the highly adjustable, forgiving and SMOOTH; AXE+hybrid cam system into it.
how about the hoyt carbon matrix? i saw a commercial on the outdoor channel the other night that had the bow laying on pavement, and a truck ran over it, then peeled out on it and made it fly across the concrete some distance, then picked it up and shot from 30 yards dead on. that thing is a beast
YouTube - Hoyt Carbon Matrix Torture Test (2 of 4 Part Series)
I dont think my old Hoyt would stand up to that torture test. It still shoots accurate and fast enough for me but I would have to bet on the truck winning that contest.
DO NOT try that with a MATHEWS!!! :lol::lol:
the price is amazing too,and for its specs i couldnt justify the money.hoyt didnt start the carbon technology a bow company called high country did.i do see this as the future but they have to bring the prices down.also the matrix specs are nothing special bows were hitting its numbers five yrs ago.
Them high country bow actually shoot really nice. I almost purchased one befor I got the bowtech
which bowtech do you have? ive heard a few people say they would swear by the maxxis
I have the aligance its 2 seasons old and still seems brand new.
Its fast and accurate. I have a 27 1/2 draw and Im still shooting 290 fps tested fully dressed bow with quiver.
I can actually put new cams on made for speed and add a few more fps if I wanted .
Good luck on your search
I would agree that hoyt carbon matrix is great for its price
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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