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Hello everyone, I'm a new member here at the deer hunting forums, a very nice setup that ya'll have here.

Anyways I'm a new bowhunter, straight out of the package, so I'm looking for some information, as in:

1. when does bowhunting start in my area? Rock Spring, Ga.
2. what type of no scents should i use? (that you have found effective)?
3. i have been granted to hunt on my x-father-in-laws land ( 58 acres, with tree-house stand that has been there since before the marriage and divorce) htis tree-house type of stand has no cover and is about 15' off the ground, would i need to provide covering for it, or should i not worry about it?
4. what type of sights and arrow rest should i use for a left handed bow? (cash is an issue here)
5. are there any good to decent links for green bowhunters?

I'm eager to hear what type of responses i get, and thank you in advance to everyone!!

((I'm not easily offended, so any constructive criticism is accepted :unsure:))

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((I'ma Lefty))

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answer to question #1

Deer , Bear & Turkey
Archery, Either Sex: September 8 - October 12
Extended Archery, Either Sex:

January 2-31
Only for Clayton, Cobb,
Dekalb, Forsyth, Fulton,
Gwinnett & Rockdale counties

Primitive Weapons, Either Sex: October 13-19
Northern Zone*:
Southern Zone:
October 20 - January 1
October 20 - January 15

12 per season, Statewide

No more than 10 may be antlerless
and no more than 2 may be antlered.
One (1) of the 2 antlered deer must
have at least 4 points, one inch or
longer, on one side of the antlers.
Antler Restricted Counties:

In Hancock, Harris, Meriwether,
Montgomery, Randolph, Talbot,
and Troup counties, only antlered
bucks with at least 4 points on either
side are legal

In Dooly and Macon counties, only
antlered bucks with a minimum
15-inch outside spread are legal

#2 i use the wildlife reasearchs lineup of scent control. check out this article.

#3 i dont know if i would trust a homemade job that has been in the woods and weather that long

#4 if cash is an issue Quiktune makes some cheaper rests. cheap sights should be easy to find im just not recalling any name brands right off the top of my head.

#5 you found the link you need for green bowhunters

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Thanks for the response! seems I'm a little late to begin hunting this season. but i think I'll just go out and see what i can see. I'm not extreamly sure what to look for, but I'm guessing rutts, or scrapes. i have some deer scent lures and was given a few packs of clover. i may try planting these clovers around the stream bank, the land i hunt is pure farmland, with a woodland border around the back, with two streams running just past the woodlands.

~well my streak of bad luck continues. my mother( bless her soul) had a yard sale this weekend, and sold my treestand, which cost me about 70$ for 10$.. talk about strangeling parents ha!

Thanks for all that helpfull infomation tho! I'll try to do better next year.


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if you gotta gun you can always hunt off the ground. sounds like you could sit inside the tree rows and watch the fields anyway. you still got alot of season left to hunt and its never to late. as hot as its been there is a good chance the deer have been using your streams for watering. look for some tracks around the banks. you never know what you will find when you scout. looks like you will have about 3 months of rifle season to hunt. that is more than most states.

good luck and let us know what you see.

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yes sir im sure your reading that right. in tennessee bows are allowed during the whole hunting season. even during muzzleloader and gun. bows are harder to hunt with. thats why they are allowed all season.

just remember to wear your orange if its also muzzleloader or gun season.

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Im about to rain on your parade.Do you have a hunting license?did you take hunter safety?If you did they would have given you a regulations book.YOU are responsible for knowing the regs in your area.I have yet to meet a game warden who had a sense of humor or tolerance for ignorance.Sorry to be so harsh but what the heck?As for the other questions i will gladly give ya advice.Scents ,rattling,calls forget em first year.FOOL A DEERS NOSE YA GOT EM play the wind get a small squeeze bottle fill it with corn startch (cheap,in the baking section)use it often you'll be amazzed at how the wind keeps changing.I'll get out of the car squeeze the bottle wind to the north start climbing wind to the west change directions keep moving wind southwest.get to the top updraft and swirling.forget the toys and scents.etc play the wind.take 3 steps stop look move .glacier speed is what you wantpermenant stands,the deer get to know them and steer clear,dont get me wrong they still can pay off .Confusing?yup welcome to the world of deer hunting
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