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New Bow Toxik

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Finally went out today and shot 3 Mathews bows S2, Rizen 7.0, and Drenalin and a PSE Bow Madness and a Bass Pro Toxik bow made by Bowtech under the Diamond line. The Toxik is fast and quiet and no hand shock and I was able to draw 5 more lbs. With the savings of $300.00 over the Mathews I was able to add an QAD LD drop away rest, Black Gold Flash Point sight, simms stablilizer, 1/4" meta peep and a few small extras. I will keep my Mathews as a back up bow for now. In 6 years bows have made big advances in mid-priced bows. We'll see how long term use holds up. My plan this morning was to purchase the S2 but....... Just for note: the Flash Point Black Gold sight has really bright pins something my eyes need.
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no, I know what you mean TG. I just put the old standby on retirement for now. Time will tell if the new boy can replace old reliable Mr. Mathews.:confused: Budget couldn't support a fully loaded new Mathews this time.
So far so good as my groups have improved and I added the 4th pin. I know some have questioned my quest for speed and the importance of arrow speed. Well increased speed/fps allows for an improved/flattened flight trajectory path which allows distance to be added with improved accuracy. A realistic 40 yd shot is very attainable with this bow and me. Son is shooting good 50 yd shots with his. These were my goals for purchasing a new bow, improved accuracy and adding a 40yd pin. The Toxik seems to be a (very) good mid-priced bow.

Anyone else shopping for a new bow this year?
WMI, I knew I'd catch it from you!!!!!! Old reliable is still ready as back-up. :yes: As far as actual fps don't know yet, after I shoot 200 arrows it goes back for a tune up and maybe run it through the cronograph. There's no question its faster than my Q2XL Mathews with a more forgiving cam draw. It's not a Mathews but hopefully it proves cost effective over the long haul.:confused:
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